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Sierra Nevada Alliance

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Rocky Mountain Wild The Greater Yellowstone Coalition, The Wilderness Society, The Lands Council, Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development, Biodiversity Legal Foundation, Wild Wilderness,Wildlands CPR, Soda Mountain Wilderness Council, Conservation Northwest, Siskiyou Regional Education Project, Wilderness Workshop, Idaho Conservation League, Colorado Mountain Club, California Wilderness Coalition, American Lands Alliance, WildEarth Guardians, Native Forest Council, and the Western Wildlife Conservancy.

Durango Mountain Resort
Report Card

The Ski Area Citizens' Coalition encourages you to visit Durango Mountain Resort and also requests that you click here to send an email to Durango Mountain Resort to encourage them to continue their environmental stewardship.
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Habitat Protection (104 points possible)

1.         Maintaining Ski Terrain Within the Existing Footprint (30 points possible)
2.         Preserving Undisturbed Lands from Development (31 points possible)
3.         Protecting or Maintaining Endangered, Species (22 points possible)
4.         Preserving Environmentally Sensitive Areas (21 points possible)

Protecting Watersheds (27 points possible)

5.         Protecting/Preserving Wetlands (9 points possible)
6.         Protecting Water Quality (12 points possible)
7.         Water Conservation (6 points possible)

Addressing global climate change (64 points possible)

8.         Climate change policies. (11 points possible)
9.         Renewable Energy (13 points possible)
10.       Water & Energy Efficiency (12 points possible)
11.       Snow making (20 points possible)
12.       Transportation (9 points possible)

Environmental policies and practices (35 Points) - View Full Report

13.       Environmental Policy Positions and Advocacy (12 points possible)
14 .      Waste Stream Management (9 points possible)
15 .      Purchasing (9 points possible)
16 .      Community Sustainability (4 points possible)



The Ski Area Citizens' Coalition works to ensure that ski area management decisions, either by the Forest Service, the ski companies, or local goverments, are responsive to
the needs of real environmental protection, local communities, and the skiing public

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